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Study and Special Interest Groups


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Here is a chance to pursue your interests, and to learn, enjoy and enrich your horizons.  Study Groups give members the opportunity to make new connections and form new friendships through participation in study and discussion.  Study Groups connect members to Brandeis University by promoting the ideals of social justice and academic excellence that Brandeis University stands for. 


We are we are offering some sequels and lots of new topics in our study groups. This year for the first time, we are trying several short courses of three sessions only. If these are successful, we will continue them. Music, art, history, religion and contemporary issues are the core of our intellectual fare. On The Town, travel programs, and Ethnic Eating provide social opportunities with learning about new environments. For a complete listing and description of current offerings look for the new Study Guide online and coming soon to your mail box.


All of our facilitators are volunteers and most are members of BNC as well.  We are very fortunate to have so many talented and knowledgeable members who are willing to donate their time and share their knowledge.


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